Life has thought me more lessons than what i’ve learned on my school days.

People said once”there is no better teacher than lessons you get from your life”

I learned about BETRAYAL when i was blindly trust someone.I’ve learned that LOYALTY means nothing.

I learned about LOSS when death of someone broke me completely.

I learned about BROKEN when someone throw me away and left me alone.I’ve learned to pick up each of the pieces of myself and learned to SURVIVE.

I learned about LUST when more people doesn’t look for friendship but they are more to benefits.

I’ve learned that appearance are more important to start over something. No one care about your existence if you are UGLY.( Bitter truth denied by many).

I learned about LONELINESS when there is no one around me when i need them most.

I learned about FAKE when bestfriends backstabbed me.

I’ve learned that each of the events happened in my life made me as who i am today.



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