Everyone has a scar.The scar which you made physically by yourself but each scars always carved a pain that wouldn’t go away forever.

I have a scar too which i made to my self 10 years ago and now when i think about to rid off,it doesn’t go away.

People said,past should be forgotten to move forward but scars doesn’t let it happen.

Why do be people tend to make something gruesome to themselves when they know its going to be hunt them forever?

People think making scars would rid off the pain but no its not,it will be always gives you more pain when keep looking at it each and everyday of your life and i found a way to make it beautiful.

Scars which you done physically,you can turn it to something beautiful on your body.How does it work?

Its by TATTOO.

If you do have something painful on your body to see everyday ,turn it to something beautiful to see.It does help a lot.

When you seeing it in other way of view, it does lead your mind to flush away the pain you held in your heart for too long.

Forgive yourself for hurting yourself for something or someone that doesn’t value you.

Love yourself, we have a purpose to living our life.

Take this chance to explore more in yourself and discover what holds you till now.

Everyone has the purpose of living and i took along of year to discover it and still exploring.

Life is always has a surprises.


4 thoughts on “Scars

  1. Each scars have its own history and experiences which teaches us the ups and down of life. It shapes who is us now. Every scars happen for a reason. Accept it even it is negative or positive

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  2. A good write up dear Nathiya. Loving it. You had put most of ours’ thought into words. Thank you for reminding us that we are not alone in fighting battles in our lives but there are a lot us. Keep writing. ❤

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