Dear Mirror

Dear Mirror I know you are the only one reflects myself… I know you’re resemble my expressions… I know you smile when I’m smile… I know you cry when i cry… I know you showed me how exactly i looked like but… Why doesn’t you comfort me when i scream? Why couldn’t you speak the […]

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Note To The Love One In Heaven

Dear My Love, Everytime people break me into the pieces, i missed you more… I wish you were still here to hug me and say “its ok, all is going to be fine”. I wouldn’t have to cry alone if fate doesn’t took away you from me permanently. I wouldn’t have to look for love […]

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Life has thought me more lessons than what i’ve learned on my school days. People said once”there is no better teacher than lessons you get from your life” I learned about BETRAYAL when i was blindly trust someone.I’ve learned that LOYALTY means nothing. I learned about LOSS when death of someone broke me completely. I […]


She is a Seasons

She is a flower who blooms on SPRING, she is colourful and the special one in the garden to pick . She became as a SUMMER when all her vexation surrounds her… She is an AUTUMN when she starts to fall all her pain and grief when she is ready to grow again… She stay […]

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Another day of silence where i shut down myself, staying away from people and gadgets. Every single night that falls know the silence of my scream.The pain i couldn’t bear anymore ,tear me apart each and everyday. Something that i’ve been holding for too long, something that squeezing my heart and holding my breath. I […]

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Everyone has a scar.The scar which you made physically by yourself but each scars always carved a pain that wouldn’t go away forever. I have a scar too which i made to my self 10 years ago and now when i think about to rid off,it doesn’t go away. People said,past should be forgotten to […]

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